Achieving a successful implementation can be a challenge for many organisations. In order to be successful a methodical and controlled project process must be deployed – one that involves the key players, not only at the start and end by all the way through the implementation process. To deliver this collaborative and controlled approach Sigma has developed Enigma – an implementation method for ERP systems based on many years of international and global experience. With Enigma you can be assured that that the entire implementation process, from concept to finished delivery is well managed in a methodical and controlled way. The method has been developed specifically to manage the challenges of implementation in international and multinational companies whom are complex and want to realise a standardised Business Solution in several countries at the same time.

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  • Proven method for management and control of projects with phases that work regardless of the nature of the project.
  • The involvement and commitment of both parties is increased thanks to the iterative process and high communication and collaboration processes.
  • Provides support for different project types – offering flexibility and cost-effective implementations.
  • Focuses on best practice and competitive advantage to focus budget where it is needed.
  • Addresses the challenges of International implementation and the introduction of common processes and routines.
  • Simulation concept that offers knowledge transfer and a repetitive learning process right from the start.
  • Check points for acceptance and quality control come naturally after each simulation

five well-developed implementation phases

To achieve maximum capacity from your ERP system, enigma follows five well-developed implementation phases. 

We always start with an Analysis of your company’s processes mapped against dynamics functionality. When this is completed by achievement of an agreed milestone you move on to the next in a controlled way until the project is successfully completed.

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