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How is it working at Sigma Dynamics and what do we do? Here you get to know some of our employees and read about their jobs and what they like about Sigma Dynamics. 

Josephine Wennberg

Josephine Wennberg has a lot of knowledge within the Finance area of Dynamics 365 as she started working as a consultant in 1999. Before joining Sigma she was a Finance Manager for a wholesale company in the watch and clock-business. Today she is working as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX-consultant within the Finance area. She chose Sigma because of the good reputation and because everything felt right from the first meeting, which Sigma Dynamics is very happy about.

What do you enjoy the most working for Sigma Dynamics?
I have been within the Sigma family for 10 years know, I think that says it all, I really like working for Sigma, I learn new things every day and am constantly evolving. I also think Sigma is a company that really takes care of their employees, we are not just a figure in an Excel-sheet. I think this is the main reason why their reputation is really good and why Sigma attracts very skilled people.

Within your role what do you think is the most interesting?
The most interesting thing about my work is to find solutions for our customers that they can benefit from within the standard application.

What is your responsibility/main work tasks in your role?
I have a role that is split in two where I am responsible for finance within Dynamics 365 in the Scorett implementation and working with improvements and I also have a role within after market at Stena StÄl AB.

How do you think Covid-19 has affected your work?
I am used to working remotely, so in terms of work, Covid-19 has not affected me so much. It has actually been a great deal for me. The project I have been working for in 8,5 years was put on hold due to the pandemic, but I quickly got the opportunity to be involved in other exiting projects.

What are Sigma Dynamics strengths?
Apart from what has been mentioned above I think that the engagement in South Africa is a huge strength and something to be very proud of.

How can you in your role streamline the finance department for the customers in the companies you are working with?
To be sure that I understand the basic needs from the customer and use functionality in the standard application that the customer need. Also, to suggest solutions that the customer can benefit from. Even though “streamlining” their operation by using many automatic features it’s of huge importance that I transfer knowledge to the customer, so the finance department understands exactly what’s happening elsewhere in the system. The last thing is to make sure that balance sheet accounts can be reconciled in an easy way.

What do you hope will be the focus for Sigma Dynamics 2021?
I hope the focus will be to continue the path we are taking. I hope we continue to learn more, focus on our customerÂŽs needs, finding new or improved creative solutions and also recruit new young people and developing a mentorship program. I am involved in the start-up of this mentorship program right now and it is very interesting. I really hope we will be able to focus on this program during this year. I believe that the perfect format is a mix of all kinds of people, young and old, newly educated and senior and that we share and learn from each other.

Samuel Forsberg

Samuel Forsberg has many years of experience in ERP implementation and Dynamics. He began his career in 1996 and Dynamics was given the honor of working with Samuel in January 2020. Today he has a shared role as a solution architect, product owner and that he spends a lot of time and provides support in the presale work.

Hi Samuel, can you tell me a little more about your role at Sigma Dynamics today?
I have several roles, partly I am a solution architect where I am involved in new implementations of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply chain management and help customers through that journey. I make sure that we work towards best practice and that I am involved in supporting the implementation team and ensure that we deliver a good solution for our customers. I also work in the presale team where I work together with our sales people. We focus on understanding the customer and how we can improve their business so their investment will pay off. To present this solutions and offers to our customers is a part of my responsibility. The last area of responsibility I have is as a product owner. There, my primary tasks are to monitor Microsoft offerings and track down what Microsoft is doing in the market and what solutions they develop. I am also responsible for keeping track of the third-party solutions available, reviewing what could be interesting and be of value to our customers and our deliveries.

You say that you have been working with erp-setting for many years, what makes this interesting?
That's right, I've been working on this since 1996. What I find interesting is mainly that it is so varied, that you get to meet many new customers and businesses very often. I see every customer is as an exciting challenge and very rewarding to see how we can implement Dynamics in the best way so that customers are satisfied and safe. Then to get the opportunity to work together in a large team to get the best out of our colleagues and deliver a result. A result where we see that our customer are satisfied, it can work in a better and more efficient way, become more profitable and competitive, that is really satisfying.

What attracted you to join Sigma Dynamics?
What attracted me the most is the entrepreneurial spirit that I saw was in the company and the breadth that existed in the family to be able to deliver widely within the Microsoft platform. I saw very clearly that Sigma had come a long way in several areas and that there was great potential to take advantage of the other Sigma companies to deliver complete solutions. Then there is a strong focus on growing and becoming a global supplier which I find very interesting. I like that Sigma Dynamics has a clear plan and goals that are always implemented and not just something they say. Then I value that they are constantly working with improvement and looking after the individual's best interests.

How do you think Covid-19 has affected your work?
It has affected me, I mainly sit at home today unlike before where I rom having previously basically just sat out with the customer. I do not think it works to sit at home but the reason it works for me at the moment is because I have not had huge projects during this time that I'm used to. What I think is the most negative is that you lose the social part. I really see the advantages of face to face meeting when I first meet a new customer. It becomes easier and faster to get to know each other and I think I can connect with the customer in a better way.

What is your responsibility in your role as a Product Owner?
I am responsible for monitoring Microsoft's product development and in the next step informing business and sales. I am also responsible for proposing new products and solutions that could add value to our customers and deliveries

What do you think will be the big change in business systems (Finance and Supply Chain Management) in 5 years?
I think there will mainly be more automated processes, the system will drive the processes and be more intelligent. It will hopefully be easier and go faster to implement Dynamics. I believe we will have more completed parts that can be connected to the outside world and other systems. Personally, I also think that Microsoft will be a given choice for more companies, there will be more packaged services for smoother and faster deliveries.

Kevin Glasgow

Kevin Glasgow joined Sigma Dynamics with over 15 years of experience within the Microsoft Dynamics arena. Our journey together with Kevin started when we announced partnership with K3. Kevin has good cross functional knowledge on AX and D365 gained from working within different businesses around the UK and Europe. Kevin has consulted on various projects including Production, Supply Chain, Logistics and Warehousing. Which has given Kevin the knowledge and industry best practice he is able to bring to Sigma’s customers.

What do you enjoy the most working for Sigma Dynamics?
When I join an organisation I want to make sure they have the same values and same vision that I have. For instance, if a company underlines integrity with customers I mention that I want to be in such a team because I believe in integrity myself. Sigma have a lot of core values that I also have so I knew I was going to be happy working for Sigma when I read through what their core values were.

What are Sigma Dynamics strengths?
Sigma have worldwide coverage. They are a huge dominant company within the Dynamics and AX arena and if you speak to anybody about Sigma you always get a positive vibe. Since joining Sigma Dynamics I have been provided with opportunities and challenges in areas that test my skill and understanding, resulting in my knowledge base expanding.

Sigma also have the forethought to allow their consultants more time to investigate issues to provide concise information, and believe me when I say, not having to rush work shows our customer base that we have the right knowledge to deliver the best experience possible. Sigma Dynamics have a great work ethic and leave you to get on with your job which is a great attitude for an employer.

How are you finding the lockdown situation in the UK and the new working from home situation?
I think it’s ok and it does have its benefits and limitations.

Lockdown benefits us as consultants because we can get on with work without having the interruptions you sometimes get On-Site, from the end users asking questions about the system. However, this is reflected by the amount of emails you receive instead.

The down side to this though is that actual physical presence on site allows you to fully understand the customers’ requirements as you are face to face. You can see their pain first hand and can experience why they are having the difficulties they have, such as restraints in size of operation, number of employees etc.

What do you think will happen within the Retail business in 5 years?
Retail is a very strange beast at the moment. High Street Retail Shopping experience is fast becoming a thing of the past.

The amount of footfall due to the Covid19 epidemic in the High Street and outlying shopping centers has diminished to levels that are unprecedented. .

I feel our Retail Landscape will change dramatically and will become very much web based. Lots of companies are already fully web based but I think this will expand to 90% retail online presence and only 10% in the shops. I think we going to see more stores closing down and we might end-up where we have Retailers having Megastores instead of individual outlets. More deliveries will be done via direct delivery to the customers rather than going into a shop like we used too. People are turning away from the “I have to try this on” mentality and if Covid19 has taught us anything it is that we really do not need to touch and feel the product before we buy it!

So if I was to sum it up, I think within 5 years, the retail business will shy away from having shops and stores and will become very much more web based.

How do you feel Microsoft is supporting the change in retailing and do you feel they have a competitive product?
I have used Microsoft’s offerings for around 15 years and over those years have seen it grow and improve at a remarkable rate. With the introduction of Flow/Power Automate and Power Apps the abilities of this application are unrivaled. Microsoft provides great account management that keeps our customers on the cutting edge. And what you get out of the box cannot be touched by any other competitor in the marketplace.

On the downside, I have had less than ideal interaction with Microsoft support. Mostly they are positive but at times they don't typically know enough about the product and will ask for information that has already been provided in detail upon raising the initial case. That being said, this product is innovating and improving so much week after week you can't possibly expect the people supporting to be 100% knowledgeable about all areas.

If you could change 2 things (about anything) what would they be?
I would try to make people more empathic. I believe that change can only come from personal change. Empathy is something we can all use and show more of. It can be difficult in many situations to put this into practice as you can never truly understand somebody’s motivations or feelings when first meeting them. It is always best to go into situations with a very positive mindset. It can sometimes take time as people are individuals, but generally you can improve someone’s day and boost their overall morale by just being positive yourself.

The next thing I would change would be to send an email reminder to everyone on our tiny planet in the middle of their day, to tell them to stop whatever they are doing and try to make themselves laugh at anything they like, just for a little while. Sometimes in life we take ourselves too seriously, and as they say, “Laughter is the best medicine”. So, when you are feeling under pressure, try to get away and destress by having a laugh.

Staffan Cederstrand

With 20 yearsÂŽexperience from the business system industry in his backbone, Staffan started at the Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen where he worked with planning and production functionality in the standard version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Today he is managing a role that is split in two where he is working both as a consultant and Competence Unit Manger for the Application department at Sigma Dynamics.

What do you enjoy the most about Sigma Dynamics?
On one hand, it’s the opportunity to work with the Dynamics product. It is constantly evolving, always at the forefront. I like that Sigma Dynamics focuses on interesting industries, mainly manufacturing and distribution companies. I also like that Sigma Dynamics is a company of entrepreneurs working on the big stage, always in a much wider context. We are part of Sigma and get to be involved in everything that comes with that, working in a variety of different areas. But we are also independent, maintaining our small business mindset. In my view, this is working within the best of two worlds.

What distinguishes Sigma Dynamics from the competition?
What makes Sigma Dynamics stand out is the fact that we have access to all of the Sigma resources and expertise whenever we need it. Manufacturing companies need to address issues of how to connect their workshop floor equipment with their business systems and do continuous follow ups. The business system is an important part, but it is not everything, other areas come into play. I also like the fact that at Sigma and Sigma Dynamics, we are always looking at the individual. Being different is a good thing, something that helps us as a whole, contributes to the bigger picture. Sigma Dynamics is really a true testament to that.

When it comes to working with different platforms, why do you think Microsoft Dynamics is doing so well?

Microsoft Dynamics is based on modern technology supported by Microsoft and it is constantly and rapidly evolving. As a customer you don’t have to worry about your platform becoming obsolete and in need of change. To the contrary, this is a platform that will follow and, in some cases, even lead the development of technology enabling the customer to take advantage of every new technological opportunities. Of course, different customers have different needs based on their line of business, but Microsoft Dynamics has a broad and deep standard functionality and a platform with excellent integration opportunities. It is fairly easy to build on and maintain.

When you’re faced with having to update the business system, what is the most important thing to think about?
If you have a relatively new standard version of Microsoft Dynamics, updating is normally a very smooth process. There is no longer a need for large traditional upgrades – instead you do small updates often. This also applies to customizations since Microsoft maintains the interfaces. At Sigma Dynamics, we'll help you make these updates. There might be cases where there is a new functionality that you need guidance on in terms of setting it up and going over how to use it. An upgrade always includes new applications and products too. Microsoft believes that the time of basic upgrades is a thing of the past - nowadays there is always a new, updated version available. If you are using an older version of Dynamics, such as Dynamics AX, or a different business system altogether that is enough and you want to replace it, it is important to select a Dynamics partner that understands both the system and your business in order for them to merge and develop properly.

Finally, where do you see the role as Dynamics Consult/Business System Consult in 5 years?
I believe the consultant’s role needs to cover a much wider spectrum. Consultants must still be experts of Dynamics 365, but they also need to understand other systems of different types that the customer needs for their business. There will be more demands for integration as customers want different systems to communicate with each other and function as a whole. I see more discussions with the customer in finding the right level together and continually develop the solution step by step. In conclusion, I believe that the future Dynamics consultant must be able to quickly understand the customer's business and processes and be able to see and act on opportunities, find alternative ways of addressing an issue always and always have the very best solution for the specific customer in mind.

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