Digital transformation from boardroom to factory floor

Things are changing. Traditional business models are quickly becoming redundant, and business systems are evolving faster. More automation and extensive connectivity bring new efficient ways of working. When you merge technology into the business and product life cycles, you overturn traditional ways of working and create new ones.

To gain competitive advantages and unlock all the potential, we think it is important to understand how the “fourth industrial revolution” will impact your business.

Towards the fully connected business

Advances in technology, connectivity and new workflow enabled processes within manufacturing, distribution and supply chains are changing the way we consume products.

When you enable new technology in your business, you can get real-time information from the extended supply chain. You can automate and connect your key assets and service processes using Internet of Things (IoT). Handling data and calculations in the cloud, together with tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI), gives you a leg up in the world of business.

Cloud applications and ‘always-on’ connectivity

Businesses that embrace advanced technology to connect internal and external stakeholders are more likely to exceed customer expectations. It will drive down cost, improve profitability and gives you a competitive advantage.

Organizations that are still set up as isolated units, with applications that don’t integrate and data is kept in silos limit their possibilities.

New technologies, cloud applications, and ‘always-on’ connectivity provide the core ingredients companies need to diversify their services and become more customer-centric.

We are at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 evolution.

Sigma has market leading solutions and services to connect your entire enterprise, from boardroom to the factory floor. We connect you seamlessly both internally and externally.

Our Digital Transformation Model and Industry 4.0 Connected Enterprise solutions provide real-time connectivity and automation of your key business processes. We securely connect external partners to your internal systems and processes so you can collaborate.

Sigma’s extensive portfolio is composed of:

Cloud Computing Services
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (ERP)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (ERP)
Sigma IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions
Sigma Connected Field Service
Sigma Cyber Security
Sigma MRO Plant Maintenance
Sigma Big Data and BI Analytics
Sigma AMS (Enterprise Application Maintenance)

You can now connect your local, international and global enterprise into a single Connected Enterprise solution. This gives you access to the real-time business data you need for decisive decision-making across your business.

Sigma can be your global technology and systems partner to help you stay competitive. We will provide your organization with systems and processes built on leading edge technology.

With Sigma, you can Expect a Better Tomorrow!

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Expect a better tomorrow

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